What is #CareConvos?

What is #CareConvos?

Every first Monday of the month at 8.00pm, #CareConvos chat takes place on Twitter. #CareConvos are hosted by a team of researchers and experts with lived experience.

We discuss topics around care and how young people’s experiences of care can be improved. So far, we’ve discussed education, research engagement, language, relationships, transitions, achievements, wellbeing, disclosure and ongoing relationships. We use prompts to engage people in conversation.

Come along if you are care experienced (including foster care/kinship/adoption), a social worker, a kinship or foster carer, a residential care worker, a teacher, a designated safeguarding lead, working for a Virtual School, a researcher or just interested!

The course of the conversation is guided by the topics and questions we/you suggest, but what people share is never re-interpreted or summarised or paraphrased for another audience or context. This means that care experienced voices are heard above others and they continue to resonate far beyond the #CareConvos hour.

What #CareConvos does not do– we do not use any of the information for research purposes.


 – Is this for academics? 

Researchers are welcome but this is a space for the care community in its entirety.

 – I don’t know how to use Twitter, how do I find you? 

Either go to @Care4Convos or #CareConvos and click on the ‘latest’ tab at the top of the page.

 – Is #CareConvos only for people with care experience? 

No, those that work with/in the care community or are just interested are very welcome.

– Can I join if I am a parent/carer of someone in care?

Absolutely. You will be very welcome to join in.

– How should I engage if I’m a researcher?

Follow us on twitter or contact us via email: aoife.ohiggins@magd.ox.ac.uk

– I can’t join Mondays at 8pm, how can I catch up?

You can catch up after the event by using the #CareConvos hashtag and checking out our Twitter Moments pinned on @Convos4Care and our website. See here for past #CareConvos

– Can I host or how can I get more involved?

Take part in the monthly discussions held the first Monday of the month from 8.00pm search for #CareConvos and click ‘latest’ to follow the conversation. We are particularly keen to give the microphone to care experienced people. Please don’t worry about your twitter skills we can help you with that.

 – How do I get in touch with #CareConvos? 

Either on Twitter @Convos4Care or by email: aoife.ohiggins@magd.ox.ac.uk

 – How do I get something discussed? 

Please send us your ideas. You can also suggest specific questions for a given topic we announce.


Thank you to EVERYONE that takes part, we really appreciate you getting involved and turning #CareConvos into a privileged space for the care experienced community