Care Experienced Week is a celebration of all things care experienced and events are happening all over the UK.

Hundreds of people have marched through the streets of Glasgow for a “Love Rally” to show their support for those who have experienced care.

BBC.CO.UK 19/10/2019

The week kicked off with the amazing LOVE RALLY in Glasgow. You can read the account of Public Affairs Coordinator, Who Cares? Scotland Kenny Murray’s of why he attended HERE.

Inspired by ‘love’ and ‘relationships’ Chris Hoyle, Management Information Analyst, Widening Participation Evidence and Evaluation, University of York, did an online reference for North Yorkshire County Council, on Twitter about his foster parents and what they meant to him, and it went viral! 

The Care Experienced Conference team forged new relationships this week when the recently published reports were presented to the Secretary of State and Education Minister. Read more here.

This was followed by a press release from the Department of Education marking National Care Leavers Week. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced new cross-government support available to young people leaving the care system, alongside £19 million of investment into programmes that directly benefit care leavers.

If you want some chill time and haven’t yet seen ‘Unbelievable’ a Netflix series, which follows a young woman with very few meaningful relationships and who is accused of lying about a rape as two female detectives investigate a spate of eerily similar attacks…watch it! The show is based on the true story of a Care Experienced woman, Marie. Who Cares? Scotland campaign “Who We Are” – about Care Experienced people examining how #CEP lives are represented in films, on TV, on radio, in books and in the news – has this to say: A Case Study on News Reporting.

One of the most important relationships in our lives is the one with ourselves! IMO (In My Opinion), will be sharing a sneak peak of replies from teens in care and care leavers all over the country to their new #dearfutureme campaign. They are asking teens in care and care leavers to write a message on a postcard to their future selves – ‘Dear future me’. You could use the postcards to offer advice and words of encouragement to your future self. 

This weekend it is the amazing #YourLifeYourStory event which welcomes those with care experience to get together, meet old friends and form new ‘relationships’ and take part in writing workshops. Your Life Your Story takes place Friday 25th-Monday 28th October 2019 – more details here YLYS-PROGRAM-2019.

There are many more events happening around the UK, just type hashtag #careexperiencedweek or #careleaversweek into Twitter or Google, and you’ll see the hundreds of amazing things that are happening to support and celebrate care experience and create new relationships.

Don’t forget to JOIN US for #CARECONVOS 4thNovember at 8.00pm to talk about RELATIONSHIPS. All welcome, we’re interested in EVERYONE’S perspectives. 

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