#CareConvos are back!

On Monday 2nd September, 2019, we’re talking about how we might improve research practices, e.g. how we might do research better, involve people more meaningfully across the research cycle.

We’re also interested in novel ways to engage people from recruitment all the way to dissemination. We will also talk about how we can make research more accessible to care experienced people, practitioners and policy-makers.

We’re interested in everyone’s perspectives, whether you are a care experienced person, a carer, a social worker, teacher, work for a virtual school or in any other role with care experience people…and researchers!

– We are also really keen to engage those who do research on the care experience, what difficulties you experienced in carrying out your research and what novel solutions you have used to tackles these

– We are aware that many of you straddle a number of these roles, please feel free to talk to us in any capacity. 

 – Remember to use the hashtag #CareConvos 

 – Please look after yourselves, only share what you are comfortable sharing and get in touch if you want to chat more.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I have spent my life researching.
    Would to help out and share my learnings.
    Medical records reveal much more than historical welfare records. I have completed an MPH and Master of Professional Practice in Creative Writing by research. Research is my forte.
    Love to help.
    See my fictionalised memoir.


    1. Rosie Canning says:

      #CareConvos is tomorrow night @8pm. Do try and join us.


  2. Nina says:

    I am so excited for this! Research is something I find hugely interesting – after our last conversation I applied for a Research Officer job in a nearby university because I want to find out more about this type of work. I’ll be joining in with a notepad.


    1. Rosie Canning says:

      Brilliant! See you tomorrow.


  3. What time is this in AEST and how do we join in.
    More instructions please.
    Kind regards


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